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RILEY ✌: Top 30 YouTube Channels for free workout videos


  1. Diet.com video channel – This channel provide tips on diet, nutrition, fitness and lots and lots of free exercise videos.
  2. ExpertVillage channel – They are known for largest choice of informative videos and don’t just deal with exercise and fitness. However, this channel is one of the very…

Insanity Fit Test - Day 1

I did my first day of insanity yesterday and it was really good. :) I was dying but I felt so good about it afterwards.

1. Switch Kicks - 87

2. Power Jacks - 40

3. Power Knees - 73

4. Power Jumps - 23

5. Globe Jumps - 8 (not good, i know haha)

6. Suicide Jumps - 9(Also not good. I know.)

7. Push Up Jacks - 16

8. Low Plank Oblique - 41

Fit, Fabulous, Fierce: Half Marathon Training: 12-22-12


So today called for 50 minutes of Cross Training, so after work I headed to the gym.

I found an interval routine for the stationary bike, and I did 2 rounds:

  • 5 minute warm-up (resistance 2)
  • 30 seconds high intensity, 60 seconds low intensity
  • 45 seconds high intensity, 60 seconds low intensity

(via fightxforxit-deactivated2013081)

Love.is.my.Labor: 28 min interval run + 10 min abs + 20 min stretching


28 min total run/walk/jog

3 mins hard, 2 mins rest x2

20 sec hard, 40 sec rest x IDK

2 min warmup jog

6 min cooldown jog

Notes- I just jumped straight into the run because I didn’t want to jog a full block warmup…go figure, lol. When I began the runs, my stomach aches came back of course. So…